Newest Location Coming Summer 2024

Hayden, ID

Unlimited 24x7x365 Access

Members get exclusive key-card access to the lounge and a simple online booking system.

State of the Art Technology

We have 3 bays powered by Uneekor Simulators and GSPro Golf Software. Massive 10 foot launch screens, beautiful tee boxes, and a secondary touch-screen LCD for metrics and game management.

Lounge w/ TV + Fridge

The clubhouse inside each Bogey Room is loaded with comfortable couches, flat-screen TV, and fridge. The environment is meant for you to enjoy!

Exclusive Community

Each location has a limited # of memberships available. We restrict the # of memberships to ensure tee time availability and a comfortable experience within the lounge.


ADDRESS: 9879 North Biztown Loop Hayden, ID 83835
TECHNOLOGY: Uneekor Simulators + GSPro
OPENING DATE: Summer 2024


This location is expected to fill up soon. Grab your spot in the Lounge today.



+ $199 initiation fee

  • Unlimited usage each month!
  • Each location has a limited # of membership spots.
  • Loaded with STATE OF THE ART technology
  • Private Leagues & Tournaments!
  • Bring up to 3 guests anytime you play!

We look forward to seeing you in the lounge!